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Liberton Financial has a single goal in mind—to provide our clients with sound investment management on the following services:

  • Portfolio Construction and Portfolio Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Advice on Non-Discretionary Accounts

Liberton offers a unique take on investment management services.  We blend macro-economic  events with real-time trading strategies to achieve a positive and consistently strong return on investment year after year.  Liberton achieves a high rate of return while maintaining a risk-averse fund by paying respect to the overall market condition and trades high yield securities within their natural cycle.


At Liberton, each client’s portfolio is individually and thoughtfully constructed to reflect an investor’s specific financial goals and level of risk tolerance.  The result is a turn-key solution offering capital returns in addition to a long term retirement blueprint.


For those investors seeking long term financial goals through non-discretionary accounts such as 401K, Roth, IRA, etc., Liberton guides asset allocation through comprehensive account analysis.

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Liberton Financial was founded by Michael Moore and opened its doors to public investors in 2016.  What began as a private investment management service in 2004, offering portfolio management and financial advice to friends and family for over a decade, is now offering its services to all investors. 


Michael saw the 2008 financial crisis and most recent 2016 Brexit vote and market reversal as events that continually expose the flaws in large hedge funds and financial houses.  Michael’s expertise and understanding of macro-economic conditions and their impact on the financial market give him the unique ability to trade ahead of the curve.  Liberton is unlike other financial houses because Michael has created a nexus between forward thinking and a thorough understanding of portfolio construction.  While many of today’s hedge funds gamble with client assets, Liberton provides risk-averse investment management services tailored to each client’s individual and family needs. 


Michael went to DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.  He moved to San Diego, California where he worked as a manager in the insurance industry for over 14 years.  He currently lives in Lakewood, CA with his wife, Laurissa,.


Discretionary Assets under Management Maximum Annualized Fees

As a fee-only advisor, we are compensated as a percentage of our assets under management.  Clients will be billed by the Custodian at the end of each quarter based on an annualized percentage.   The annualized percentage is as follows:  1.00% for total assets greater than $2,000,000.00, 1.75% for total assets between $1,000,000.00 and $2,000,000.00, 2.00% for total assets less than $1,000,000.00.  Liberton has no access or custody to client funds.  Clients are not responsible for third-party custodial fees.

  • Tackling Student Loan Debt
  • China Bitcoin Ban Explained
  • Answering 401k Questions
  • Strategies for Retirement
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We want to make sure your financial future is in good hands.  Let's talk!

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